You Can Go Home Again

10941905_1135449573148589_885431821797110409_nThomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home again,” and while poignant and heart stirring as that line is, we at House Portraits by Deb don’t really believe that. Of course, you can go home again. That’s why my passion is doing house portraits. We all have that embassy of memory that we retreat to when things get hairy, when things get a little crazy, when the world seems a bit out of place, the enormous weight of unsure feelings resting on our back seemingly crumbling us into dirt.

It’s important to remember where we come from. It’s important to remember that starting point of the journey that we’re on. Regardless of the quality of the house you grew up in or the house that fosters the grandest memories you have in your brain, I can do it all. With pleasure and skill, I will recreate the starting point of the journey that you’re on.

I understand that life gets crazy and most if not all of us get lost in the fervor of the moment, in that daily grind that sends so many of us to an early grave, but know that it’s okay to want to retreat back to happy memories, to a place of utter comfort where the world seemed so big and not constricted by obstacles. I can do that for you, so let me do a watercolor house portrait – I promise that you can go home again!