Why You Should Have a Custom Home Portrait Before Moving

Custom Home Portraits What are some reasons to have a custom house portrait done of every home you live in?

For starters, homes are meaningful to people. Think about the home you grew up in– remember where you used to play with your cars or dolls? Remember when grandpa or grandma sat in “that chair” in “that corner” reading you “that book?” We usually have so many wonderful memories of homes we used to live in, so it’s nice to have a memento of these places. That way, when you look at a custom house portrait of, for example, the house you grew up in, it literally takes you back all those years to a different time and place. In your mind, you’re right back in that house with loved ones, smiling, laughing and feeling good. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as a house portrait can evoke good feelings and great memories of the past?

Also, house portraits are nice to have just to remember the different places you’ve been throughout the years. For many of us, we don’t stay in the same house for our entire lives. We move around a lot, and with each house comes a specific set of experiences and memories. Therefore, having more than one house portrait to look at enables us to make a mental timeline “on the wall” of our lives.

Imagine if you were to have House Portraits by Deb create five custom house portraits for you– and then you hung them all up on one wall in your current home. You, your family, friends and visitors could all have a visual representation in one spot of your personal history as represented by these portraits. Furthermore, these become conversation starters, don’t they? “That was an interesting house; how long did you live there?” Or how about, “I remember that house. It was so small and I can’t imagine how you fit all those kids in it at the time.”

People like to reminisce and remember the good times. Having custom house portraits hanging up allows them to do exactly this! Have House Portraits by Deb create custom house portraits for you; email drohrbach73@gmail.com to make it happen.