Why Realtors Should Consider Giving Clients a Custom Key Rack

Custom Key Rack If you don’t have a key rack, chances are highly likely that you find yourself asking the question, “Where did I put my keys?” often. Keys are easy to misplace which is exactly why always placing them on a key rack can help make a person’s life simpler and more efficient. Keys are quite essential to life as we know it, so a key rack makes for a handy place to store them all in one visible and easy-to-find place in the home.

While there are all sorts of key racks available in a variety of stores, Portraits by Deb has recently started making custom key racks that incorporate the specific look of a person’s home– in fact, the racks look like mini replicas of anyone’s home or office.

Though Portraits by Deb is happy to take orders for these unique items from everyday people who may want to use them for themselves or give them as gifts to loved ones, there’s also a target market in mind: realtors.

If you’re a realtor, what little gift can you give a new homeowner? Some realtors give subscriptions to local magazines. Others bring over baked goods to help celebrate the new place. Well, with Portraits by Deb’s “home replica” key racks, now realtors have another choice for gifts to give!

Buying a home is a big deal for pretty much every person who takes the plunge. It’s one of life’s biggest investments– if not the biggest. Therefore, realtors are wise to show their appreciation to homebuyers with something truly distinct a new homeowner will both use and appreciate– a home replica key rack from Portraits by Deb.