Why Commercial Buildings Are Important to Local Communities

Commercial Building Portraits Imagine if you were a visitor from another planet and you arrived on Earth in 2018. Or better yet, imagine you could time travel and you were able to go from your life in 1918 all the way to 2018 to see how different life has become for society.

Though we’re surrounded by people and buildings every day, we don’t think much about how amazing our infrastructure and organized society is– one look at New York City today should be mind-blowing for everybody. Humankind has achieved great things, especially when it comes to commercial buildings. It’s no wonder that many people who don’t even live in New York City still decorate their apartments, homes and offices with pictures, posters and artwork regarding iconic buildings like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Certain commercial buildings stand out from others. They become memorable and, in some cases, iconic. Commercial buildings help tell the story of a community– they show others if that place is prosperous or not. Great buildings can generate more jobs, bring people together, lift housing values in their vicinity, and give people something to be particularly proud of. Construction of commercial buildings helps bring economic stability to an area. People generally want to see improvements made to their communities, including better infrastructure, which includes not only commercial buildings, but roads, pipes, sidewalks and landscaping.

That said, what commercial building has had an impact on your life? Maybe it’s the building you’ve been going to everyday for the past couple decades– the building where you work. Or, perhaps it’s a certain building in your neighborhood that’s always inspired you because it looks unique and beautiful? Consider a watercolor of a commercial building you love, which you can then hang on your wall, whether you’re near or far in proximity from that actual building. Furthermore, consider having a watercolor done of your office or business entrance, which would make a nice gift for your boss or co-worker.

House Portraits of Deb isn’t just limited to “homes.” Deb can paint other buildings– why not share with her a photo of one you’d love to see done in watercolor? Use the online “Contact Us” form or email drohrbach73@gmail.com.