What Is the Quickest Cure for Summertime Sadness?

11030830_1135036193189927_4685349399405840389_nDepression. It’s the affliction that cripples the soul until we can’t move, until we’re stuck in the bed like glued construction paper, unable to move even our limbs to get out to have a glass of water. Depression is a serious illness in this country and while people think that the sunbeams zigzagging across the summer sky is adequate enough medication, but they’re wrong.

Summertime sadness is a serious problem, and although not as serious as depression in the wintertime, it still sticks its claws into the few of us affected by the lazy days of June, July, and August, where parties seem to fall from trees like apples and everyone is smiling except for you. It’s tough for the few of us. Thankfully there are some measures that can prevent you from slipping deeper into that summertime sadness, and it’s knowing where you come from.

At House Portraits by Deb, I will paint the childhood homes that shaped your life, the epitome of what might be the happiest moments of your life, when innocence was a daily occurrence, when exploration and adventure seemed as simple as a lunchtime snack when you were hungry. It’s important for you to recreate the energy that shook you from your bed and into the backyard, when the sun in the sky was not a hostile figure, but a beacon of new things to come. Contact me today for more details! And remember, summertime sadness is just a figment of your imagination, something that can and will be dealt with!