Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Home

Saying goodbye is never easy. We get used to people, places and things, don’t we? What do you do when you have to say goodbye to your house?

There are several ways to say goodbye to your home– a place where memories were made.

First, you can go room by room and talk with loved ones about the special milestones that happened in those rooms. Taking time to remember the good times, and even the bad times, helps families and friends literally say “goodbye” to each room. While in a certain room, you can talk about memories of when kids were young and the funny things they did, such as drawing all over the walls– well, maybe it wasn’t that funny at the time… Or you can notice things like “glow-in-the-dark” stars you put on the ceiling. Perhaps take pictures of each room, so you’ll have them to look at long after you’ve moved out.

Next, you could commission a painting of the house you’re moving out of– and House Portraits by Deb does those paintings! Deb also offers wooden replicas of homes. Either way, it’s a tangible object that you can take to your new house and display for all to see. Everytime you look at your old house portrait or wooden replica, it’ll be a chance to remember where you came from and all the associated memories.

House Portraits

Another way to say goodbye to a house is to take seeds from trees in the yard and/or smaller plants from the yard with you to the new house/yard and plant them there. That way, you’re bringing a piece of your old life into the new situation.

Also, consider having “one last party” at the house. Do it up big! For instance, you could make it a themed event, complete with decorations, live music, dancing, and, of course, great food– cooked in the oven in your beloved kitchen “one last time.” Invite friends and family and celebrate all the good things you liked about the house, with a chance to reminisce as people share what they liked about visiting it.

Finally, use videotape/your smartphone/tablet to go around the house and take videos of the various rooms. Later on in life, you’ll be able to watch these videos and it’ll be like taking a tour of your world in the past. You’ll probably laugh and cry and it will be a chance to step into the past for a couple minutes.