Watercolors of Houses

With more than thirty years of house portrait and painting experience, you can say that I know a thing or two about the aesthetic power of a house. At House Portraits by Deb, I provide you with professional watercolor portraits of your home. In particular, designing and painting Wooden House Replicas has become a favorite activity of mine in the last year or so.

Recently, I have heard from several customers on how much they have enjoyed theirs.  Here is a sample of a recent email from a happy customer when I sent her this photo for her approval:


House Portraits by Deb

“Wow stunning!

I can’t see the dog too clearly on the farmhouse but could he be made a darker brown? 

You are so talented. 

My cousin had similar houses made about 10 years ago of my grandfather’s house. We cherished them. I wanted to add to the collected for my mom. I never dreamed I would be able to have them done by the same artist. 

Thank you so much! “

-Christina LeMaire

Such an item makes a great family gift, especially for parents to give to their children, a reminder of their childhood home. This makes for a unique and special housewarming gift, sibling gift, graduation gift, etc.

Life takes us down many twisted roads and, oftentimes, we forget where we come from. A house portrait is something tangible, the physical manifestation of our memories of home. It is really a time machine, that with just a glance at the portrait, we are automatically transported into the living and very real past.

I cut them from pine. They usually range from 5-10 inches wide and 5-8 inches tall, about 1 inch thickness. Sanding off all the rough edges and painting a white base coat, I let it dry until the next step, which is drawing the house lines onto the wood. I use acrylic paint and gel pens to fill in the details.  After taking photos and emailing them to the customer, I make any changes they suggest. Then I spray them with a clear coat gloss three times. Once they dry, I ship them out!

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to capture the magic of your child home or do you want to present the perfect gift for your family and friends? If interested, contact me today. Keep your eye on this blog and stay up to date on any news relating to my current problems and the wonderful world of house portraiture!