Vivacioius Venezuela


Years ago I was asked to paint a scene of Caracus, Venezuela.  The image was mostly mountains and city buildings and I hoped as I was painting, that

I could do it justice and catch the flavor of the city.

Well, my husband and I just had the opportunity to go to Caracus for a wedding of a dear wonderful student we hosted six years ago while he was here

studying at an English immersion school.  

What an awesome adventure it was!  The day of the wedding, has father took us out for the day, we insisted he must have a million jobs to do, but he said his only job was to entertain us!  So we toured a bit of the city and then started working our way up the mountain, hairpin curves I’m used to, but at a 80% almost straight up angle, no!!  He told us on the weekend it was crowded, lots of people go up to the top to restaurants and B&B’s.  We drove through forest and hairpin turns for what seemed like miles and suddenly came upon this! 

  A little open shop of homemade goodies and scarves, etc!  I was so surprised, where do they live, how do they get up and down every day?  Turns out, as many young people told us later, people travel up that mountain often, in fact, after school they used to WALK up and

get something to eat and then go down and take a bus home!  But the best treat for us was when we reached the top, well~ not quite, but we saw planes

flying towards the airport that were lower than us, so we figured we were at least 5,000 ft. up!  His father stopped at this lovely restaurant and ordered

wine for us – best wine ever with a magnificent view to boot!

                         back down the mountain!