Unique Gift Ideas to Honor Famous American Buildings and Monuments

Wooden Replicas of Famous Buildings House Portraits by Deb oftentimes paints or makes portraits/wooden replicas of people’s homes. That said, Deb can do portraits and replicas of famous American buildings and monuments, too. Perhaps you know someone in your life who is really hard to buy gifts for, because he or she seems to either “have everything already” or “they have unusual tastes.”

Not everyone wants a wooden replica of The White House. But some do, right? What are some of the famous American buildings and monuments you might want to “gift” to a friend or family member, via House Portraits by Deb?

Start with the iconic skyscraper in New York City– the Empire State Building. This building is tall, stands out among the rest, and is known as a beacon of strength and hope the world over. Originally constructed in the 1920s, this building gets millions of visitors annually. At 102 stories, it’s one of the main things people think about when they picture New York City in their minds. If you know someone who loves tall buildings/skyscrapers, House Portraits by Deb could create an “Empire State Building” artwork that’d make a great gift. Other notable NYC structures include the Brooklyn Bridge, the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty.

If you think about Washington, D.C., what comes to mind, besides politics? There’s The White House, of course, as well as the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument (the world’s tallest obelisk), and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

In other American cities, there are several art-worthy buildings and monuments, such as the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) presiding over Chicago, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Other notable places include The Alamo in San Antonio, Fort Sumter in Charleston, the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, and the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu.

House Portraits by Deb can handle a variety of requests, so if you have a famous building or monument in mind that you’d love to see brought to life as a portrait or wooden replica, please email drohrbach73@gmail.com with your idea(s).