To The Friend, Neighbor, Or Family Member Who Is Moving – Give Them A House Portrait As A Parting Gift

House Portrait As A Parting GiftAs life progresses and changes, so often does the place we live.

Most people will have moved at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is your first, third, or fifth home you are moving to, you will no doubt have some sort of sentimentality with the home you are leaving.

For the newlyweds who bought their first home, to the new parents bringing their firstborn home, to the elderly couple who lived the past 50 years in a home, a house consumes a great part of our hearts.

If you know of a family member, friend, or neighbor who is getting ready to move, why not think of a way to help them remember the house they are leaving?

It is both a happy and sad time when having to say goodbye to a place you have lived in, even if it was for only a short time.

For those leaving, it would be nice to have a memento to take along with you to the next adventure.

A hand-drawn house portrait is one of those gifts that serve as a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime. With a portrait, you get all of the finest details in the best light and depiction.

As a parting gift, you could have a portrait drawn of the home and we can guarantee the recipient to be thankful and very happy that their memories of the home will forever remain concrete.

House Portraits by Deb will paint you a beautiful house portrait for you to give to the ones who are moving away. The recipients do not necessarily have to be moving far away, even just a few blocks over, and the portrait will still be an ideal goodbye gift.

You can contact House Portraits by Deb by email, or by telephone at 774-291-1507.