Tips for Hanging Wall Art


Wall art is a gTips for Hanging Wall Artreat way to showcase your personal style and incorporate your values in your home’s décor. Deciding which art pieces to hang can be a challenging task, but the outcome is definitely rewarding.

Once you have your beautiful home portrait, the only thing left to do is hang it up for display. If you don’t have many pieces hanging in your home, you may be wondering what’s the best method for hanging a picture.

Fortunately, there are a few simple methods you can use to hang your portrait.

When hanging a portrait, it is important to be mindful of its placement. Placing your portrait too high or too low won’t do it any justice because people won’t be able to clearly see it.

In general, place a piece of art where your eyes meet the wall.

After deciding on the perfect spot to display your artwork, you will need a way to keep it in place.

 It is best to use a pencil and a level to make sure you are accurately placing your portrait and that it is not crooked.

You could use a nail, although there are alternatives if you don’t want to put any holes in the wall.

If you are using a nail, remember to hammer it into the wall at a 45-degree-angle for added support.

Command strips are a great way to hang photographs without putting a hole in your wall. These are perfect if you don’t have any tools or want to be able to change the portraits around with ease. Remember that these strips do have a weight limit of 7.5 pounds.

To mount a portrait using command strips, simply remove the paper from the adhesive and stick it to the back of your portrait. It is best to but a strip in the center and two on the sides for added support and stability. Place the second set of strips on the wall so that they align with the strips you placed on the portrait-that’s it! After you haveTips for Hanging Wall Art the command strips in place wait an hour before mounting the portrait to allow the adhesive to fully adhere to the wall.

With these tips, you will be able to hang your custom home portrait with ease! House Portraits by Deb has been creating custom house portraits for over 30 years. Visit our FAQ for more information and to inquire for your very own house portrait.