The Importance of Reminiscing the Past


The Importance of Reminiscing the PastNostalgia; the feeling of longing or wistful affection for the past. This term was first coined by Swiss doctor, Johannes Hoffer, in 1688. Doctor Hoffer believed people who were “victims” of nostalgia suffered from a psychopathological disease. Although nostalgia can bring feelings of sadness or even regret, it has been proven that is actually beneficial for people to reminisce in the past.

In an experiment in the Netherlands, scientists used music to invoke nostalgic feelings in the test subjects. It was found that the old music made people feel physically warmer. Nostalgia also elevates mood, self-esteem, and increases self-continuity.

Nostalgia is also a great way to handle transition or change. When something dramatic happens in our lives, like moving into a new home, you may feel nostalgic about your old home and the memories you created while you lived there. These memories will help make the change from one house to another easier by providing closure.

A great way to memorialize the memory of your old home is to get a professional house portrait of it to display in your new home. You can use the nostalgic memories of your old home to foster new memories in your new home.

Throughout life, we create memories, good and bad, that we can reflect on. Some memories will produce different emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, or fear. As we reflect on nostalgic moments it is important to be mindful of the present and how the past can affect it. You can learn from these memories and use your knowledge of the past to create a better futurThe Importance of Reminiscing the Paste.

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