Tag: Watercolors of Houses

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Having a portrait done of your house is a great way to commemorate the place where you and your family share most of your memories. If you ever more to another house, you will always have a beautiful painting to display and remember it by. Of course, an accurate painting is only going to look… Read more »

House Portraits Are Selfies

Selfies… The cultural trend that is so cherished yet so vilified at the same time. But is a selfie really so much different than a self-portrait, something that has been a staple in the art world for centuries? Even cave paintings can be argued to be selfies! Ultimately, many psychologists agree that selfies are good… Read more »

What Is the Quickest Cure for Summertime Sadness?

Depression. It’s the affliction that cripples the soul until we can’t move, until we’re stuck in the bed like glued construction paper, unable to move even our limbs to get out to have a glass of water. Depression is a serious illness in this country and while people think that the sunbeams zigzagging across the… Read more »

You Can Go Home Again

Thomas Wolfe once said, “You can’t go home again,” and while poignant and heart stirring as that line is, we at House Portraits by Deb don’t really believe that. Of course, you can go home again. That’s why my passion is doing house portraits. We all have that embassy of memory that we retreat to… Read more »

Portraits of Importance

Portraits are important. They tell a story, they remind you where you have come from. They are a realistic representation of the past to remain to serve as reminder of what you were. No matter the subject, the art of preservation can be viewed like a historical textbook. This month, what is believed by some… Read more »