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Why You Should Have a Custom Home Portrait Before Moving

Custom Home Portraits

What are some reasons to have a custom house portrait done of every home you live in? For starters, homes are meaningful to people. Think about the home you grew up in– remember where you used to play with your cars or dolls? Remember when grandpa or grandma sat in “that chair” in “that corner”… Read more »

Reasons for Realtors to Give Their Clients a Gift

It’s not uncommon for realtors to give their clients a gift after they’ve purchased a home. Not only is it a nice way to say thanks for buying the place/working with the realtor, but it’s also a way for the realtor to be more memorable. The homebuyer will look at the gift for years to… Read more »

Celebrating A Loved One Who Received Their Doctorate With A Portrait Of Their School

Portrait Of Their School

One of the highest levels of education is the doctoral degree. This prestigious degree requires several years of academia after initial college graduation with a Bachelor’s degree. A doctoral degree takes an average of four years post bachelor’s to attain. This is a total of eight years of higher education. You can earn a doctorate… Read more »