Spending More Time with Grandparents

Spending More Time with Grandparents Grandparents are the cooler, always-says-yes version of your parents. From watching you grow from a baby to an adult, they have been there through it all. Many people may not realize how impactful their grandparents are.

September 8th serves as National Grandparents Day, the day to honor your beloved elders. This annual holiday reminds us to spend meaningful time with our loved ones. Although, you shouldn’t need a designated day to hangout with your grandparents! Here are some ways to show your grandparents how much you appreciate them:

Spa Day– What better way to show your appreciation than to enjoy a relaxing spa day with your grandpa, grandma, or the both of them. (Or all four if possible) This is also a great way to spend quality time. Many grandparents will admit that they do not see their adult children as often as they would like due to busy schedules. You can use this time to get to know your grandparents more- learn what they were like as a child and young adult and see some similarities between the both of you. This will really make them feel special and loved.

Bingo/Cards– Everybody has a grandparent that plays some sort of bingo or card game for fun. Why not tag along with them? There is nothing grandparents love more than introducing their grandchild to all their old pals. You can learn some new tricks to use at your next poker game!

Meaningful Gift– Buy your grandparents something special, so they can tell everyone “My grandchild bought me that”. As we age, we may forget certain details but never forget how other people make us feel. Make sure they know how much you truly love them. If you are looking for a thoughtful present, consider a custom home portrait. You can commission your grandparent’ childhood house, favorite sports bar, or anything else that they truly love.

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