Self-Improvement through Self-Portrait

Watercolor PaintingWho are you as a person? Like, that isn’t a rhetorical question; it’s a legitimate one. When you take a good hard look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone with blood pumping with the veracity and vivacity of life? Could you see yourself extending your wings outward and inward and over the countries of the world? Perhaps trips down memory lanes where you prove your mettle and show that you have improved yourself over the years? These are questions that everyone should ask him- or herself…think of them as self-portraits but with words.

The beautiful thing about life is that it’s a constant game of self-analysis and one of the best ways to accomplish this self-recognition is through self-portraits. Note the one word that is uniting all those concepts: self. Yes, self. Myself. Yourself. Selfishness. All of them. When you think of self-portraits, chances are you think of hoity toity images of rich people in ascots, toupees, and holding tiny animals, but self-portraits can apply to absolutely everything, including houses, specifically the house you grew up in or the house you live in now. Having an artistic interpretation of such places helps you understand yourself better.

A self-portrait of your house is what makes it a home. It shows you where you come from, where you’re at, and hopefully where you plan on being. In other words, I extract the beating heart essence of any building and put it on display for all to see. Now’s the time to get a self-portrait of your home done. With dark months approach, you’re going to need a little bit of light.