Reasons to Consider Having a House Portrait Done in the Winter

Winter House Portrait Has this been a particularly snowy winter for you? For some people, in places like Upstate New York, Michigan and Minnesota, it certainly has, with accumulations of over a foot of that cold white stuff. Even some places in Florida received a dusting of snow this winter. Though many people don’t like to shovel it, they do agree that a “winter wonderland” scene of snow blanketing the neighborhood can be quite beautiful.

We all tend to think of our houses and what they look like during the summer months when the sun is hopefully shining and it’s warm outside. However, there is something breathtakingly spectacular about how a snow-covered house looks in the months of January, February and beyond. With that in mind, consider having House Portraits by Deb do an original artwork of your house as it looks in winter.

A winter scene around your house is likely to include some snow, and if you really want a festive portrait, you can send Deb a picture of what your house looked like at Christmas time, complete with decorations. Imagine a piece of art of your house complete with lights in and around the windows, a giant snowman in the front yard, and whatever else you decorate with, like wreaths and reindeer in the yard.

Better yet, don’t you like seeing portraits of homes that have chimneys with faint, white smoke coming out of them? There’s something so picturesque about a house with a “smoking” chimney– you can imagine the people inside are staying warm by their fireplace, cozy on the couch. Winter can be such a dark season, since the sun goes down around 4:30 in the afternoon. Therefore, it’s nice that Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are all December holidays which include celebratory candles to remind us of light in the darkness.

Maybe your house is lit up by a streetlight at night. Or you’ve have candles in the windows. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture how your house looks during the winter in the form of a painting you could proudly hang up in your home, to enjoy year round? House Portraits by Deb can make that happen; please use the online contact page for more information: