Reasons for Realtors to Give Their Clients a Gift

Gifts From RealtorsIt’s not uncommon for realtors to give their clients a gift after they’ve purchased a home. Not only is it a nice way to say thanks for buying the place/working with the realtor, but it’s also a way for the realtor to be more memorable. The homebuyer will look at the gift for years to come, if it’s a good one, and remember, “Oh, my realtor gave me that.” Realtors thrive when clients recommend them to friends and family and/or utilize their services again if they choose to move. So it’s in a realtor’s best interest to give a unique and memorable gift to clients.

Experts tell realtors to make the gift client-centered rather than agent-centered. Instead of giving the client a clock with the realtor’s name on it, why not give the client something that will be truly appreciated, like a painting of their new home from House Portraits by Deb? Surely a framed watercolor painting showcasing the exterior of their new home will be hung up, proudly displayed for all to see by the homebuyer, right? Definitely.

House Portraits by Deb can provide a 5×7 framed painting to realtors, or in a bigger size if they prefer. Plus, House Portraits by Deb makes wooden house replicas, an alternative that truly stands out as an artistic piece for the home.

How appropriate, then, for a realtor to give a client a painting or wooden replica of their new home? That’s a gift that perfectly fits the occasion while also being heartfelt and meaningful.

House Portraits by Deb is a realtor’s gift-giving helper. Email with any questions you might have about giving house-specific artwork as the perfect new home owner gift.