Realtors Giving First Time Homeowners A New Portrait Of Their Home To Celebrate

Realtors Giving First Time Homeowners A New Portrait Of Their HomeBuying a home is a monumental occasion and can be quite the process from start to finish. A typical real estate transaction involves a lot of planning, specifically with finances, in addition to finding the perfect home to suit all of your needs.

You can expect to feel a little bit of trepidation mixed in with excitement when you close on a new home. With your realtor by your side, it will all work out in the end.

As an agent, it is critical that you hone in on that relationship you have built with your client. This not only helps to build a business of future clients, but it shows your current clients how much their trust in you means.

To showcase your appreciation for using your expertise in the real estate market and to celebrate your client purchasing their new home, a thoughtful gift goes a long way.

You can choose a gift card to a home store or something for the kitchen, but maybe those gifts do not seem to be personal enough. A great idea is a hand-drawn portrait of their new home.

Portraits are a beautiful representation of an image with fine detail, coloring, and artistic variations. A house portrait is a great way to permanently capture all of the beauty, architecture, and little details that the memory or typical camera won’t be able to get.

As an agent, what a better way to say thank you and congratulations to the new homeowners, than with a stunning portrait of their home.

Even if they don’t plan on remaining in the home, they will always have a keepsake of this house.

If you would like to have this type of portrait to be created for your client, who just purchased a home, contact House Portraits By Deb at 774-291-1507 or

Bringing real life to the canvas for a concrete memory is a wonderful way to mark the occasion of purchasing a home.