Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Brokers

Unique Gift IDeas When a person buys a home, they typically utilize the services of a mortgage broker. Essentially, a mortgage broker lends money to a home buyer so they can purchase their home. Then, over time, that buyer pays back the money, with interest, and their relationship can last decades. So, a mortgage broker is oftentimes an essential part of the process of buying and owning a home.

What can mortgage brokers do to market their services?

Social Media

For starters, social media is “where it’s at” these days. Using things like LinkedIn and Facebook can help find new clients. On Facebook, for instance, it’s not unusual to use the Messenger service to connect and ask questions of each other. It’s kind of like texting, via Facebook! Furthermore, a mortgage broker with a Facebook page has the ability to create engaging posts that tell what they offer and more. Even something simple like an online blog can help educate people while also serving as a marketing tool.


Next, it’s a good idea to utilize referrals. People talk with each other, so mortgage brokers can ask their clients, “Do you know anybody else who is buying a house soon and could use my services?” Perhaps the use of surveys could help, too, whereas the broker sends out surveys after working with clients, to get feedback while also including an area to list referrals with names, numbers and email addresses.


One thing that’s important to remember is that behind every phone number or email address is a real person. Therefore, make sure you know and use their name when communicating, right? That goes a long way– after all, aren’t you more apt to pay attention to communication that uses your name rather than just a generic “To Whom It May Concern” letter or automated call?

Unique Gifts

Finally, one way to further personalize a relationship between mortgage brokers and their clients is through the use of unique gifts. Take, for instance, House Portraits by Deb. As an artist, Deb paints artistic renderings of houses. These paintings can be framed and given as a gift to a new home owner. Then, that homeowner will think of the gift giver– their mortgage broker– everytime they look at the painting. Deb also does wooden house replicas that serve as a perfect keepsake to celebrate a new home. This can lead to more work down the line, when that person buys a different home and/or refers a friend.