How Your Home Décor Affects Your Mood

Designing your home can be both exciting and overwhelming as you try to navigate different décor styles and design elements. You may be choosing your home décor based on your personal style, but it is also important to understand how these pieces may affect your mood.

When you walk into a room, like your bedroom or bathroom, how do you feel? Happy, excited, comfortable, or sad?

Color PsychologyHow Your Home Décor Affects Your Mood

When our eyes meet different colors, our brain produces a chemical reaction which creates an emotion or feeling based on that specific color. For example, the color red can create feelings of excitement, romance, anger, and passion.  Because this color can create such a strong reaction, be mindful with how it is being used. If you decide to paint one wall red, using another neutral color will help offset the intensity of red.


Textured elements help to bring life and dimension to a room. You can use texture to give a room more space or to make a large room feel cozier and more comfortable. Texture is the difference between a laminate wood floor, and a plush wool carpet. Both of these floor options offer different kinds of texture and your preference will depend on personal style and the design goal for the room.

Sight Lines

Lines give the room detail and can help to create a more visually pleasing room. Sightlines create flow and direction. An example of this is a gallery of photos all hanging symmetrically to a window. The window is a sightline and by adding the hanging artworks you create a flow that extends the line. Symmetrical sightlines can be very calming because it brings order to a room.

These are important factors to consider when designing or redesigning a room.

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