How to Commemorate Your “Starter Home”

Commemorating Starter Home When you finally find the right person to commit to, what does that entail? Typically, couples start out together living in their “starter home.” This is the house they could afford at the time of their wedding. Typically, it’s not the biggest or fanciest place, but hey… it’s home… “For now.”

A couple years into the marriage, the couple might have saved enough money to upgrade to a different home that’s in a “better neighborhood,” with a “better school district, which we need now that there’s one on the way,” and/or “a bigger house because we need some place to put all this stuff we’ve acquired!”

Saying goodbye to a starter home is best described as bittersweet. Of course the place holds a lot of memories, including many “firsts.” Couples often reminisce, “Remember the time we…” as it relates to their beloved starter home. There’s something special about a starter home, and it can be hard to leave it behind. But life is always changing, that’s for sure. And people move all the time.

One of the unique ways to preserve the memory of your starter home is to have House Portraits by Deb paint it and/or make a wooden replica of it. Then you’ve got a memento.

Deb recently received a testimonial that “hits the nail on the head.” The review read:

“I ordered our house portrait as a Christmas gift for my husband. We had just recently moved out of our first home and I thought it was a great way to remember it. The painting arrived quickly and I couldn’t wait for Christmas morning to come so I could give it to him. The beautiful portrait nearly brought my husband to tears. It hangs proudly in the entrance of our new home and we receive many compliments on it from our guests. Thank you so much for your great talent and excellent customer service.”

So perhaps you’re in the process of changing homes and you’d like to surprise your spouse with a gift to remember your starter home… why not have House Portraits by Deb paint it? Call Deb at 774-291-1507 or, better yet, email her at to make it happen.