How Home Builders Can Show Clients Their Appreciation

Gifts Home Builders Can Give to Clients Home builders often get to meet and work with the clients they build homes for, including married couples, single people, seniors and others. Much like a friendship, builders get to know clients over time, and there are some key aspects to making this a good working relationship.

First, as with anything, good communication is key. You can’t build a decent relationship with someone if you don’t communicate with them. Therefore, builders and clients should spend time together talking over the details of what the house will look like, how it will function, and how construction is coming along over the course of several weeks and/or months. Email and texts are okay, but face-to-face conversations are even better. If and when there are problems, they can often be taken care of best when both parties communicate with one another face-to-face in “real time.”

If builders want to impress clients, then they need to not only meet their needs, but– better yet– exceed their expectations. Who doesn’t like a good surprise? If the company offers one thing but can deliver something even better– a bonus– then that puts them in a very good light with clients. Think about it this way: do you remember when someone went the extra mile for you? Of course!  Meanwhile, impressed customers often equals return business and/or good referrals.

Next, it’s a good idea to ask for feedback. If you’re a builder and you want to know how you’re doing or how the client thinks you did, then simply ask for their feedback. This can prove to be invaluable in many ways– including “testimonials” to be shared on social media/the company website.

Speaking of social media, the Internet is important today. Builders who don’t have a Facebook page are missing out on potential clients and such. “You gotta be where the people are,” right? So if that means posting pictures on Instagram, news on Twitter, and special offers on Facebook, then do it.

Finally, and this is where House Portraits by Deb comes in, it’s important to show clients your appreciation. Let them know you were glad to serve them, meet their needs, and, most importantly, build their house. A house is a big deal. Builders can show appreciation by having House Portraits by Deb create a watercolor painting of a new house and/or a wooden house replica, which can then be given as a nice gift to the client. Find out more about that here.