How Art Can Help Improve Your Business

Should businesses have art in their offices and buildings? The short answer is yes, as art is vitally important in workplaces. It helps set the atmosphere of a place. Art can inspire people, educate them, and make them feel better. A business with art on its walls communicates to visitors that they’re serious about what they do– they’re not a “fly by night” operation that’ll be gone in a week. It takes some time, thought and money to come up with a visual aesthetic for the walls and halls of office buildings. Just like people enjoy decorating their own homes, there’s joy to be found by acquiring and adding artwork to workplaces.

Indeed, having art in commercial buildings has been found to boost creativity, reduce stress, and beautify spaces. Best yet, having art in the workplace is a source of pride. Artwork shows people the powers-that-be care– someone had to put some thought into the various pieces of art in rooms and on walls, right? Furthermore, the art can reflect the values and interests of the people who work there.

Perhaps the coolest artwork an office building can have inside of it is a watercolor of that very office/business building hanging in its entryway to create a favorable first impression. House Portraits by Deb may be known for painting pictures of residential homes, but Deb also does magnificent portraits of commercial buildings in all their resplendent glory.

Your office building should have a “portrait of itself” done by Deb.