House Portraits for Homebuilders

In this day and age, competition for people’s hard earned money is fierce. Businesses often need to figure out what to do to make themselves different from their competitors, in order to win over and keep customers. Take, for instance, home building companies. Most people would assume they’re all pretty much the same, but that’s not true. Loos Custom Homes of Wisconsin intentionally “doesn’t do things like other southeastern Wisconsin new home builders, and that is intentional,” according to the “About Us” page on their website,

Greg Loos, the owner, puts an emphasis on quality and family with his business. Since starting his company in 1997, many families have benefitted from his passion for homes “built with the family in mind,” as his tagline goes. Sure, he could build things quicker and cheaper, but would that really create the kind of homes people could depend on for years to come?

Loos Custom Homes does about 50 eco-friendly, high quality builds a year. Loos Homes are found in places like Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin. And Loos Homes come with something most new homes don’t: a painted house portrait done by none other than House Portraits by Deb.

Working with a couple of professional home builders, Deb enjoys painting house portraits which then become gifts from the builders to the new homeowners. While home builders could give other gifts as a “thank you” for the business, it doesn’t get more appropriate than a beautifully painted recreation of the home they’ve just acquired. It’s the kind of memento that’s cherished for years afterward.

So, instead of home builders like Loos Homes giving their new home owners a gift basket of fruit (which will be gone in a couple of days) or a magazine subscription (which will end in a year), there’s always the option of giving house portraits… the kind of thoughtful gift that can literally last a lifetime!

Based in Franklin, Massachusetts, House Portraits by Deb is not limited geographically. Whether you’re in Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida or wherever, portraits can be completed and shipped as needed. Please call 774-291-1507 or email to discuss having Deb paint house portraits on your behalf. They’re unforgettable gifts!

House Portraits for homebuilders.