Here’s Why You Should Consider a Wedding Venue Portrait

In this day and age people are trying to think outside the box for all sorts of things. After all, we seem to have lots of things, already… and now we’re looking for more than stuff– we’re looking for meaning.

When two people decide to get married they’re telling each other and the world that they mean something to one another. It’s becoming more and more rare these days, as people shy away from marriage and stay single. For those who do “take the plunge” and get married, it typically ends up being one of the most memorable and meaningful days of their entire lives. There’s just something almost mystical about marriage– the union of two souls, coming together in front of family and friends.

That said, people like to commemorate the most meaningful days of their lives, correct? A wedding day typically involves certain things that are memorable, from that “piece of wedding cake” saved in the freezer for years afterward to the pieces of clothing worn by the bride or groom that can be preserved so kids can see them decades later.

Wedding Venue Portraits

Now here’s something a little different than the norm that makes for a unique gift for a bride and groom: a wedding venue portrait, done in watercolors by House Portraits by Deb. This illustration can be mounted and framed and displayed. It’s the kind of quality artwork that has meaning for the married couple– the place where they exchanged their vows. It’s a way to capture a place on paper, to help memorialize the place where love was celebrated on “our special day.”

As a memento of the wedding day, a wedding venue portrait is often prominently displayed in a couple’s home for years. It’s something they can show their kids someday. It’s also a conversation starter, when guests come to visit and see it hanging on the wall. They’ll ask, “What’s that place?” The couple will then have the opportunity to reminisce about their wedding day, evoking all the “feel good feelings” associated with the venue.

House Portraits by Deb may be known for painting houses, but wedding venues can also be done. These watercolor prints make exceptional one-of-a-kind gifts for newly married couples. Contact Deb at 774-291-1507 or email her at

Wedding Venue Portraits Wedding Venue Portraits