Give Your Loved One a Unique Retirement Gift

Retirement Gifts What makes a great retirement gift? Well, everybody’s different, but one thing’s the same: we all like some form of recognition for a job well done– even if we pretend we don’t! It’s nice to get a tangible gift in the form of an item one can look at everyday… or a gift that involves an experience one won’t soon forget– something a little out of the ordinary, right?

What are some of the classic retirement gifts that seem to stand the test of time? Well, watches (clocks), necklaces, and plaques are mainstays, especially if they’re engraved/inscribed with some kind words and/or the person’s name.

Also, giving a retiree some special experience makes a great gift, especially if it’s something he or she likes and/or “always wanted,” like a trip to some exotic land (paid for by the company) or tickets to a rock concert featuring their favorite music artist. Tickets to plays, musicals, sporting events, and/or “nice restaurants” also make great gifts, as long as the person has an interest in whatever is given to them and will actually go and enjoy the experience.

Finally, sentimental stuff seems to work well for retirees. If you can assemble together pictures from “all those years gone by” and put them into one nicely made scrapbook or photo album, that’ll be the kind of gift they cherish. It’s also nice to collect positive quotes from co-workers and customers, so there’s a written record of what others thought of them.

Speaking of sentimental, what about something truly unique like a custom home portrait or a portrait of the retiree’s workplace? House Portraits by Deb does this sort of thing– you send a picture and she’ll paint the scene using watercolors. These one-of-a-kind portraits of important buildings come in different sizes and can be matted and/or matted and framed. Even a wooden house replica can be made. What a unique retirement gift idea this would be for the person who seems to already “have it all.” Get them a beautiful painting of the place they worked at for years, or gift them with a watercolor painting of their own beloved home.

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