Figby the Frog Illustrated!

Once again, Nalin Solis, a brilliant young Etsy store owner, has illustrated another of my uncle’s stories.

I found Nalin through my friend JoJo who uses Etsy and noticed a clever hand drawn avatar on a store site.  She contacted the owner, Nalin, who promptly agreed to give it a try although she said she had never done anything like this for anyone before! Click on JoJo and you will see the result!

Here is the cover for Figby the Frog, isn’t she amazing?  She comes up with these images out of her imagination that just work perfectly with the stories!  This one is a cute story concocted one morning before Uncle David’s morning children show in Minnesota back int he 50’s.  All his stories were typed up, “mimeographed” and saved in a manilla envelope for 50 years before I asked him