Childhood Homes Hold a Special Place in Our Hearts

Watercolor Home Portraits Donald Trump’s childhood home is a charming, Tudor-style home in a leafy section of Queens. It has five bedrooms, a fireplace and original hardwood floors. The house has been in the news lately because it’s going to be auctioned off, and it’s Donald Trump’s childhood home, so that matters to certain buyers as you could imagine.

There’s something special about a person’s childhood home. Whether you’re a celebrity or an “everyday, average person,” it doesn’t matter… a childhood home generally holds a special place in your heart. It’s where you took your first steps. You can remember birthday parties there, as well as neighbors and the changing of the seasons and what life felt like “way back when.” Your childhood home is a part of you no matter what.

Selling your childhood home is difficult because it means you “can’t go home again.” Oh sure, it’ll probably still be standing there in the years to come, but some other family will own it, and you’d be lucky to be invited in decades later just to get “another look at the old place.”

Another thing to consider is the word “progress.” It’s the word that could mean your childhood home gets bulldozed to make way for a Wal-mart or a parking lot, as Joni Mitchell once sang about. No one wants to see their childhood home gone forever.

Now– right now– is the time for House Portraits by Deb to paint a beautiful painting of your childhood home. That way you’ll have it as a precious memento for the rest of your life. When youngsters come over to your new house they’ll be able to take a quick glance at your wall to see it hanging there. “What’s that?” they’ll ask. “That’s the house I grew up in.” From there, you can share stories of the good old days with people. The artwork acts as a conversation starter and it can help bring back good memories.

Have Deb paint your childhood home. Find out how House Portraits by Deb works by emailing today.