Celebrating A Loved One Who Received Their Doctorate With A Portrait Of Their School

Portrait Of Their SchoolOne of the highest levels of education is the doctoral degree. This prestigious degree requires several years of academia after initial college graduation with a Bachelor’s degree.

A doctoral degree takes an average of four years post bachelor’s to attain. This is a total of eight years of higher education.

You can earn a doctorate degree in just about any subject area and it takes much stamina, dedication, and incredible hard work to earn a doctorate degree.

This is an accomplishment so worthy of a celebration.

Mastering and overcoming the challenges of achieving a doctoral degree is a moment in time to never be forgotten. You can hold a party for the recipient of this degree, but unless you plan on taking pictures, those memories can fade.

An ideal way to honor the work put into the study for a doctorate degree is to have a hand drawn portrait done. A hand drawn portrait of the graduate with the school they’ve graduated from is a beautiful and symbolic way to say congratulations and job well done.

With a portrait, the beauty of the moment is highlighted with unique artistry and paints. A hand drawn portrait will showcase various textures and an amazing attention to detail.

With the beaming smile of the graduate with their honored school behind them, this portrait will be a beautiful reminder of a special time in their career path.

If you have a digital photograph of that day for a reference, that will be the best way to create as close of an image as possible with the portrait.

If you are looking to have a beautiful memory created for your recent doctoral graduate, House Portraits By Deb can do just that for you.

There are many possibilities when it comes to painting a portrait. The experience is even more special when the purpose for the portrait is to mark a special occasion, like graduating with a doctorate degree.

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