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Watercolors of Homes: The Glue That Holds the Holiday Season Together

Famous artist Frida Kahlo once said, “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” Here Kahlo is saying when it comes to the self, you will always have loneliness and intimacy intertwining and making one thing, almost like a mixed drink you would order at a… Read more »

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Having a portrait done of your house is a great way to commemorate the place where you and your family share most of your memories. If you ever more to another house, you will always have a beautiful painting to display and remember it by. Of course, an accurate painting is only going to look… Read more »

Self-Improvement through Self-Portrait

Who are you as a person? Like, that isn’t a rhetorical question; it’s a legitimate one. When you take a good hard look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone with blood pumping with the veracity and vivacity of life? Could you see yourself extending your wings outward and inward and… Read more »

House Portraits Are Selfies

Selfies… The cultural trend that is so cherished yet so vilified at the same time. But is a selfie really so much different than a self-portrait, something that has been a staple in the art world for centuries? Even cave paintings can be argued to be selfies! Ultimately, many psychologists agree that selfies are good… Read more »