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Why Realtors Should Consider Giving Clients a Custom Key Rack

If you don’t have a key rack, chances are highly likely that you find yourself asking the question, “Where did I put my keys?” often. Keys are easy to misplace which is exactly why always placing them on a key rack can help make a person’s life simpler and more efficient. Keys are quite essential… Read more »

The Six O’Clock Galunk

The Six O’clock a sample or download The Six O’clock Galunk by Dave Lee with iBooks.   Finally published!!  IBooks has published my book, a children’s book designed around a story my Uncle Dave told to his television audience of young children back in the 60’s!

Figby the Frog Illustrated!

Once again, Nalin Solis, a brilliant young Etsy store owner, has illustrated another of my uncle’s stories. I found Nalin through my friend JoJo who uses Etsy and noticed a clever hand drawn avatar on a store site.  She contacted the owner, Nalin, who promptly agreed to give it a try although she said she… Read more »

Vivacioius Venezuela

  Years ago I was asked to paint a scene of Caracus, Venezuela.  The image was mostly mountains and city buildings and I hoped as I was painting, that I could do it justice and catch the flavor of the city. Well, my husband and I just had the opportunity to go to Caracus for a… Read more »

Glorious Day, painting and Crocs!

If anyone is reading this today that I am doing a house portrait for, don’t worry, I am soon headed out to the deck to paint in the sun! I usually paint during the week if I am not traveling and save the weekends to be with my husband and work outside, but this morning… Read more »