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Ways to Spruce up Your Home

Winter House Portrait

Spring may be almost over but it’s never too late to make improvements to your home. The warmer weather of summer may encourage you to make a few changes. Cosmetic modifications can increase the value of your home, improve curb appeal, and compliment your design themes. There are different ways to make improvements to your… Read more »

Why Realtors Should Consider Giving Clients a Custom Key Rack

If you don’t have a key rack, chances are highly likely that you find yourself asking the question, “Where did I put my keys?” often. Keys are easy to misplace which is exactly why always placing them on a key rack can help make a person’s life simpler and more efficient. Keys are quite essential… Read more »

The Six O’Clock Galunk

The Six O’clock a sample or download The Six O’clock Galunk by Dave Lee with iBooks.   Finally published!!  IBooks has published my book, a children’s book designed around a story my Uncle Dave told to his television audience of young children back in the 60’s!

Figby the Frog Illustrated!

Once again, Nalin Solis, a brilliant young Etsy store owner, has illustrated another of my uncle’s stories. I found Nalin through my friend JoJo who uses Etsy and noticed a clever hand drawn avatar on a store site.  She contacted the owner, Nalin, who promptly agreed to give it a try although she said she… Read more »

Vivacioius Venezuela

  Years ago I was asked to paint a scene of Caracus, Venezuela.  The image was mostly mountains and city buildings and I hoped as I was painting, that I could do it justice and catch the flavor of the city. Well, my husband and I just had the opportunity to go to Caracus for a… Read more »