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Keep These Things in Mind When Selecting Art For Your Home

Your home is your castle. You should decorate it with pieces of art that make you feel good. First off, with art, ask yourself this simple question: “Do I like this?” If you don’t, then it doesn’t belong in your house! If you do, then it has potential. Keep in mind that artworks are a… Read more »

House Portraits for Homebuilders

In this day and age, competition for people’s hard earned money is fierce. Businesses often need to figure out what to do to make themselves different from their competitors, in order to win over and keep customers. Take, for instance, home building companies. Most people would assume they’re all pretty much the same, but that’s… Read more »

Why You Should Have a Custom Home Portrait Before Moving

Custom Home Portraits

What are some reasons to have a custom house portrait done of every home you live in? For starters, homes are meaningful to people. Think about the home you grew up in– remember where you used to play with your cars or dolls? Remember when grandpa or grandma sat in “that chair” in “that corner”… Read more »