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How Home Builders Can Show Clients Their Appreciation

Gifts Home Builders Can Give to Clients

Home builders often get to meet and work with the clients they build homes for, including married couples, single people, seniors and others. Much like a friendship, builders get to know clients over time, and there are some key aspects to making this a good working relationship. First, as with anything, good communication is key…. Read more »

Always Remember Your Childhood Home With a House Portrait

Madonna had a poignant hit song called “This Used To Be My Playground.” Released in 1992, the lyrics talked about a place that used to be the singer’s playground– “this used to be my childhood dream…the place I ran to whenever I was in need of a friend; why did it have to end?” Every… Read more »

Reasons for Realtors to Give Their Clients a Gift

It’s not uncommon for realtors to give their clients a gift after they’ve purchased a home. Not only is it a nice way to say thanks for buying the place/working with the realtor, but it’s also a way for the realtor to be more memorable. The homebuyer will look at the gift for years to… Read more »