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Spending More Time with Grandparents

Spending More Time with Grandparents

Grandparents are the cooler, always-says-yes version of your parents. From watching you grow from a baby to an adult, they have been there through it all. Many people may not realize how impactful their grandparents are. September 8th serves as National Grandparents Day, the day to honor your beloved elders. This annual holiday reminds us… Read more »

A Unique Gift for the Police Officer or Firefighter in Your Life

Gift for Firefighters or Police Officers

Do you need a gift for a firefighter or police officer in your life? House Portraits by Deb can make a wooden “house” replica of where they work based off a photograph you send her! So, you could give the unique gift of a wooden replica of a fire house or police station– something memorable… Read more »

How to Commemorate Your “Starter Home”

Commemorating Starter Home

When you finally find the right person to commit to, what does that entail? Typically, couples start out together living in their “starter home.” This is the house they could afford at the time of their wedding. Typically, it’s not the biggest or fanciest place, but hey… it’s home… “For now.” A couple years into… Read more »

Marketing Strategies for Mortgage Brokers

When a person buys a home, they typically utilize the services of a mortgage broker. Essentially, a mortgage broker lends money to a home buyer so they can purchase their home. Then, over time, that buyer pays back the money, with interest, and their relationship can last decades. So, a mortgage broker is oftentimes an… Read more »

Unique Gift Ideas to Honor Famous American Buildings and Monuments

House Portraits by Deb oftentimes paints or makes portraits/wooden replicas of people’s homes. That said, Deb can do portraits and replicas of famous American buildings and monuments, too. Perhaps you know someone in your life who is really hard to buy gifts for, because he or she seems to either “have everything already” or “they… Read more »