Buying Art for Your Home

couple hanging art on wallYour home should be your space to relax and allow the outside worries to wash away as soon as you enter. Creating a space that brings you joy is important when redecorating your home.

Finding What You Like

First off, with art, ask yourself this simple question: “Do I like this?” If you don’t, then it doesn’t belong in your house! If you do, then it has potential. The next question you should ask is “Why do I like this” and “ Where can I put this.” It is important to know how art will function in your home and not overcrowd your space.

Keep in mind that artworks are a means of expression utilizing color, texture and content. If you find a particular piece of art that connects with your heart, in the sense that it helps express an emotion you want to think about often, then that is a piece you should have.

For example, House Portraits by Deb is known for painting home portraits. It doesn’t get more personal than that, right? When people look at their home as a painting it evokes good feelings. It’s a physical representation of all the emotions associated with owning and living in that home. Moreover, it’s nice to have the look of their home captured as a piece of art that can be proudly displayed in their home… or future home as a memento of where they used to live.

Getting to know the Artist

While you could buy art from an artist you’ve never met or know nothing about, it has been said that people love having a story to tell about the art they obtain for their home. Therefore, go to art shows, street fairs, auctions and local galleries to get to meet the artists in person. Talk with them. Find out what inspired them to paint, draw, or otherwise create their pieces. You might find that they have something in common with you that’ll make you appreciate their art even more. Plus, it’s always nice to be able to tell people a little bit about the artwork you’ve got– who made it, where it’s from, why it’s special, etc.

Seal the Deal

Finally, when it comes to price, think of it this way: act now before someone else gets it or, for some reason, it’s no longer available. Even though you might think a piece of art is a little expensive for your budget, you might kick yourself for having seen it and not bought it when you had the chance. Much like you save money for a vacation, you can have an “art fund” jar on your counter. With art, sometimes you’ll find a bargain, and sometimes you won’t– but if a piece catches your eye to the point where you feel you simply must have it, buy it!

As a watercolor artist with over 30 years of experience, I understand the importance of owning beautiful art. Visit our FAQ for more information and to inquire for your very own house portrait.