The Benefits of Wooden House Replicas

When House Portraits by Deb creates a wooden house replica, quality acrylic paints are used to enhance the replica’s overall look. Acrylic paints are often preferred by artists because they’re versatile, durable, and easy to use. What are some benefits of having acrylic murals and artworks in your home or office? Well, for starters, acrylic… Read more »

Reasons to Display Art in Your Home

House Portraits by Deb offers watercolors of homes and buildings as well as acrylic murals. These works of art brighten up the walls of many people’s homes around the country. What are some of the benefits of having art displayed in your home? First, art helps enliven a space.  People are visual creatures and we… Read more »

Childhood Homes Hold a Special Place in Our Hearts

Donald Trump’s childhood home is a charming, Tudor-style home in a leafy section of Queens. It has five bedrooms, a fireplace and original hardwood floors. The house has been in the news lately because it’s going to be auctioned off, and it’s Donald Trump’s childhood home, so that matters to certain buyers as you could… Read more »

Custom Wooden House Replicas Are Wonderful Gifts to Give

In addition to watercolor paintings of homes, House Portraits by Deb offers wooden house replicas. Imagine seeing your own home in a whole new way– painted on “3D” pine wood that measures one inch thick by six or eight inches high and eight to ten inches wide! Using quality acrylic paints and protective clear gloss… Read more »