What Can You Do to Preserve a Watercolor Painting?

House Portraits by Deb is in the business of preserving memories through watercolor paintings meant to last a lifetime. There’s something very special about an artistic rendition of your home, as seen through the eyes of an artist like Deb. You want her painting of your house to look good for years to come. Watercolor… Read more »

A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolor Painting

If you’ve been thinking about doing some watercolor painting of your own, here are some helpful tips to get started. First, you’ll need the following supplies: paint, water, a brush, and paper. Watercolors come in three forms: liquid, tube and pan. It’s recommended that beginners use a portable set of pan paints. You can get… Read more »

To The Friend, Neighbor, Or Family Member Who Is Moving – Give Them A House Portrait As A Parting Gift

As life progresses and changes, so often does the place we live. Most people will have moved at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is your first, third, or fifth home you are moving to, you will no doubt have some sort of sentimentality with the home you are leaving. For the newlyweds who… Read more »

Realtors Giving First Time Homeowners A New Portrait Of Their Home To Celebrate

Buying a home is a monumental occasion and can be quite the process from start to finish. A typical real estate transaction involves a lot of planning, specifically with finances, in addition to finding the perfect home to suit all of your needs. You can expect to feel a little bit of trepidation mixed in… Read more »

Gifting Your Family Member A Commercial Building Portrait After Opening A New Business

Memories are easily captured in photographs and portraits and it is these images that serve as a great way to treasure those moments, especially as the years pass. There is a very significant different between a photograph and a portrait. A photograph is a digital image taken with a camera. A portrait is a hand-drawn… Read more »