Ways to Spruce up Your Home

Spring may be almost over but it’s never too late to make improvements to your home. The warmer weather of summer may encourage you to make a few changes. Cosmetic modifications can increase the value of your home, improve curb appeal, and compliment your design themes. There are different ways to make improvements to your… Read more »

A Unique Gift for the Police Officer or Firefighter in Your Life

Do you need a gift for a firefighter or police officer in your life? House Portraits by Deb can make a wooden “house” replica of where they work based off a photograph you send her! So, you could give the unique gift of a wooden replica of a fire house or police station– something memorable… Read more »

Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Home

Saying goodbye is never easy. We get used to people, places and things, don’t we? What do you do when you have to say goodbye to your house? There are several ways to say goodbye to your home– a place where memories were made. First, you can go room by room and talk with loved… Read more »

The Benefits of Giving Real Estate Closing Gifts

There’s something about getting a gift that makes it memorable, especially when it’s unexpected. Think back a couple years to a time when someone gave you a gift. Now you might have liked it– or not– but you didn’t forget who gave it to you and why, right? These days, besides birthdays and Christmas, there… Read more »

How to Commemorate Your “Starter Home”

When you finally find the right person to commit to, what does that entail? Typically, couples start out together living in their “starter home.” This is the house they could afford at the time of their wedding. Typically, it’s not the biggest or fanciest place, but hey… it’s home… “For now.” A couple years into… Read more »