Always Remember Your Childhood Home With a House Portrait

House Portraits Madonna had a poignant hit song called “This Used To Be My Playground.” Released in 1992, the lyrics talked about a place that used to be the singer’s playground– “this used to be my childhood dream…the place I ran to whenever I was in need of a friend; why did it have to end?” Every single time the song comes on, people are reminded of their own youth and the place where they grew up. There’s something wonderful about our childhood home, isn’t there? After all, it is, or was, “home.” Countless songs have talked about going home, because “home is where the heart is” and all that good stuff.

In most people’s lives there inevitably comes a time when they move out of their childhood home. For some, it’s to go away to school or get married. For others, it’s because their home is to be sold or worse– demolished. No matter what the reason, it can be very easy to be wistful and teary-eyed at the thought of having to say goodbye to the place you lovingly called home for so long.

If you’re about to move out of your childhood home, prepare yourself for some stressful times ahead. Moving is intense, even when it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Just getting all of your stuff from one place to another is a physical job, coupled with the mental stress which it entails, too. Realize that some things will go well and others will not. Be flexible in order to stay sane, and don’t be afraid to cry. You may need to lean on others during a move for all sorts of “moral support.”

The majority of people end up giving away or throwing out most items they once “needed.” This is especially true when moving out of a childhood home. Suddenly all the things you “grew up with” are no longer there. It can feel a little traumatic if we’re being honest with ourselves. Yet as much as we don’t like change, sometimes it’s exactly what propels us to something new and exciting in life.

That said, it’s never really easy to leave behind your childhood home, since it served you well. It was the homebase for many important memories. How, then, can you take a little piece of home with you, wherever you end up? Here’s an idea: have House Portraits by Deb paint a portrait of your childhood home as the ultimate memento. That way you can always look at the painting fondly as it evokes good memories– no matter where you go.