A Unique Gift for the Police Officer or Firefighter in Your Life

Gift for Firefighters or Police Officers Do you need a gift for a firefighter or police officer in your life? House Portraits by Deb can make a wooden “house” replica of where they work based off a photograph you send her! So, you could give the unique gift of a wooden replica of a fire house or police station– something memorable and special!

Police stations have different names depending on where they are and what they’re all about… for instance, they’re called “barracks” when they’re American state police and highway patrol stations. The California Highway Patrol calls their building(s) a “district office.” In New York City, Newark, Memphis and some other cities, it’s a “precinct house,” or, informally, a “precinct.” While many Americans generally use the term police station, in Scotland it’s a “police office.” Informal names include “cop shop,” “cop house,” and, in the UK, “the nick.”

Most people don’t ever visit a police station. Did you ever wonder what’s inside? Usually, there’s office space where officers, detectives and administrative staff do their paper/computer work. There may be cells for detainees, as well as interview rooms where people get questioned. Most police stations have locker rooms, property rooms (for storing evidence and seized property), and, like most public places, a reception desk for public visitors.

A fire house could also be called a fire hall, a firemen’s hall, an engine house, or, most likely, a fire station. Inside a fire house, you’ll find fire engines (and related vehicles), personal protective equipment, fire hoses, and, perhaps, living space for those who spend a lot of time there. In larger cities, fire stations are often named for the fire companies housed inside, such as “Ladder 49.” They can also be named for their district, neighborhood, town or village– or given a number.

For those who work at a fire house or police station, they spend a lot of time there and it becomes like a second home. Therefore, the place is full of meaning– they have so many memories associated with their “place.” If you’re looking for a unique gift to give a firefighter or police officer, have House Portraits by Deb make a wooden replica of their place– something they can proudly display at home or at work.